“To Ikoniko Iero tis Ekatis Propόlou”

as in/speaks…

“The Virtual Temple of Hekate Ρrópolos”

‘To Ikoniko Iero tis Ekatis Propόlou’ is a spoken transliteration from Greek – meaning, ‘The Virtual Hierón of Εκάτη Ρrópolos’ – translating to ‘The Virtual Temple of Hekate Ρrópolos’.

The work instructed for me to do, was to expand on the below in the terms of modern living; to incorporate not only the internet, the cosmic web, the easier traveling of the globe, the communications networks, both social media and telecommunications – not forgetting the collective consciousness, the inter-universe, the astral temple and planes, or the infinite possibilities that even we do not know nor comprehend, when given the cosmos and its magickal energies, with a Deity such as Εκάτη Ρrópolos at the helm; Guiding us, as our Companion, and allowing us to serve Her with our own unique gifts in this world – to Heal, Teach, Write, Sing, Perform, Study, Learn, Progress, be Magickal in both mundane or occult veins, and add to the layers of the esoteric world that is so oft overlooked, or veiled from the everyday sight of man, woman, fluid, non-binary, cis, queer, bi, lesbian, homosexual and the rest of the beautiful intricate fabric this Universe houses…

…as the whispers were ever there, slowly guiding me to establish some form of a Temple, though one that could be utilised both for daily devotional as well as for service, and to be ever interconnected, traversing land, time and space – without treading on the toes of the Pantheons/Traditions of other Deities, Spirits, and Lands, it was requested primarily to be ‘Virtual’ – but not just virtual = Online, Internet – but as actually Virtual – in an Astral sense.

I kept hearing the whispers, continued to get the signs, and over time realized I was continuously moving forward; that in essence every single thing I do in my day, whether creative, work-related, chores, garden, or research was all leading me to where I needed to be, and to that which I could achieve from right where I was, regardless of shortcomings – this began in 2015/6 and by 2017 I was in an even better position to harness the energies being sent from Εκάτη Ρrópolos, who had now led me to my partner, gifted me through him the children I had not been able to carry, and to another magickal thread and pathway – so that by 2018 it was evident in such a powerful way, what and where I was guided to do and how to begin walking that path.

It meant letting some things go, saying goodbye to paths I had been following or stagnant on for some time, with great discernment, integrity and faith, I resigned as Founding Torchbearer in the Covenant of Hekate – and instantly the flow once again began with potential, and opportunities were flooding in – it was the right decision, one that Εκάτη Ρrópolos had been relentlessly guiding me towards for nigh on 3 years!

So here we are.


From Ancient Greek εἰκονικός (eikonikós).
εικονικός • (eikonikós) m (feminine εικονική, neuter εικονικό)

= Virtual


**NB. We are using the word ‘Virtual’ in all its contexts; Virtual as the Internet and Virtual as Virtually anywhere!**



Greek: Ιερός
ἱερός, ά, όν

Greek transliteration:
Simplified transliteration:

= Sacred, Holy, set apart for Deity or the Divine


*In terms of the space we are creating; the Greek way of phrasing uses the above ‘ Iero – Ιερός – hieros’ – as the word, yet as a phrase encapsulated, its meaning becomes the following for Iero:



hē-e-ro’n (Key)

Ancient Greek ἱερόν (hierón, “sacred”).
Hieron (plural hierons)

= A consecrated place, especially a Temple


Trench’s Synonyms: iii. ἱερόν, ναός.

= a Sacred place, Temple

used of the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

used of the Temple at Jerusalem

The word “Temple” (in the NT, with respect to the Temple at Jerusalem), often referred to the entire precinct which included the Sanctuary, Courts, and other buildings.
The Temple consisted of the ‘whole’ of the Sacred enclosure, embracing the entire aggregate of buildings, balconies, porticos, courts, belonging to the temple; the latter [ναός – naos] designates the sacred edifice properly so called, consisting of two parts, the “Sanctuary” or “Holy Place”

Strong’s Definitions [?](Strong’s Definitions Legend)

ἱερόν hierón, hee-er-on’;

= a sacred place, i.e. the entire precincts:—temple.

ἱερόν, ἱεροῦ, τό (neuter of the adjective ἱερός, ἱερά, ἱερόν; cf. τό ἅγιον) (from Herodotus on)

= a sacred place, temple: of the temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Acts 19:27.