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  • The Aeneid – Virgil

  • The Chaldean Oracles: Text, Translation, and Commentary – Ruth Majercik

“ἃ δὴ λέγει νοῦς͵ τῷ νοεῖν δήπου λέγει.”

“Ciò che il Noûs esprime, lo esprime con l’intuire.”

“Those things which the Nous says, it doubtless says by perceiving.”

(Chaldean Oracles; Fragment 188 = Des Places 212.)

  • The Homeric Hymn to Demeter: Translation, Commentary, and Interpretative Essays – Helene P. Foley

  • Papyri Graecae Magicae – Greek Magical Papyri

PGM IUMVI. 187-210
*Love spell of attraction: On an unbaked piece of pottery write with a bronze
stylus: “Hecate, you, Hecate, triple-formed, since every seal of every [love spell of
attraction] has been completed, I adjure you / by the great name of ABLANATHANA
and by the power of AGRAMANI, because I adjure you, you who possess the fire,
ONYR, and those in it, that she, NN, / be set afire, that she come in pursuit of
me, NN, because I am holding in my right-hand the two serpents and the victory
of IAŌ SABAŌTH and the great name BILKATRI MOPHECHE, who brandishes fire,
zoo . . . , that she love mc / completely and be aflame and on fire for me; aye, and
tortured too. I am SYNKOUTOUEL.”
[Write] 8 characters Like this: “Grant me, indeed the favor of all, ADŌNAI
[Symbols/(kamea) table here]

*Tr.: E. N. O’Neil. The text of this spell appears to be corrupt at a number of places so that
by necessity the translation remains tentative.

  • The Metamorphoses of Ovid – Ovid

  • The Orphic Hymns – Orpheus

  • Macbeth – William Shakespeare

  • The Voyage of Argo: The Argonautica – Apollonius of Rhodes

  • The Frogs – Aristophanes [405 BCE]







  • Arcana Mundi: Magic and the Occult in the Greek and Roman Worlds: A Collection of Ancient Texts – Georg Luck

  • Curse Tablets and Binding Spells from the Ancient World – John G. Gager

  • The Goddess Hekate – Stephen Ronan

  • Hekate in Ancient Greek Religion – Ilmo Robert Von Rudloff

  • Hekate Soteira: A Study of Hekate’s Roles in the Chaldean Oracles and Related Literature – Sarah Iles Johnston

  • Magic, Witchcraft, and Ghosts in the Greek and Roman Worlds: A Sourcebook – Daniel Ogden

  • Magika Hiera: Ancient Greek Magic and Religion – Christopher A. Faraone

  • Mantike: Studies in Ancient Divination – Sarah Iles Johnston

  • Restless Dead: Encounters Between the Living and the Dead in Ancient Greece – Sarah Iles Johnston

  • The Rotting Goddess: The Origin of the Witch in Classical Antiquity – Jacob Rabinowitz

“Pre-Christian, pre-Olympian, pre-Titanic Hekate
World-Tree planted in Asia Minor,
gate-guard of the worlds
keyholder to the 3 realms,
gross seated Mother, lions at your sides,
fostering nurse of all that’s young,
female heap of big fat attributes,
ruling through pre-rational ages
in cruelties of agricultural worship,
slain corn-kings, child sacrifice,
castrated temple-males.
You glid into Greece after Troy’s fall,
Hekate-Enodia riding down from Thessaly,
leading the angry hoard of ghosts,
planted yourself at the crossroads;
your torch began to smoke then flare up,
making night noon —
World-Tree Hekate, your roots reached Hell’s
downmost altitude to suck the power
of the buried dead. Eater of Filth,
Goddess of darkness, grimly silently
munching corpses, Hekate,
regaled with incense of goat-fat, baboon-shit,
garlic; honored with gutted puppies
and rubbish rites.
Hekate in your oakleaf crown shaking reptile dreadlocks,
around you hellhounds yowling sharp and shrill,
the meadows tremble, river-nymphs scream,
their waters rush backwards up the streambed
and dive affrighted down their own fountains.
With the witches I dance around you,
naked, snake-necklaced,
hair in the wind, gashing blood from arms:
sex-crazed hags with false teeth and hair;
young girls gloriously pornographic,
stir the cauldron of ugly oddities,
throw in magic salads gathered in the graveyard,
—a brew with power to draw babes screaming
into existence, or hurl them howling hence.
The witches lay hold of you, Hekate, World-Tree,
shake, make tremble on your branches
the planets suspended like rare and fragile fruit.”

“The Rotting Goddess: The Origin of the Witch in Classical Antiquity” by Jacob Rabinowitz

  • Thracian Magic: Past and Present – Georgi Mishev

  • The Greek Myths – Robert Graves






  • Bearing Torches: A Devotional Anthology for Hekate – Bibliotheca Alexandrina

  • Book of the Witch Moon – Michael W. Ford

  • Crossroads: The Path of Hecate – Greg Crowfoot

  • Hecate: Death, Transition and Spiritual Mastery – Jade Sol Luna

  • Hecate II: The Awakening of Hydra – Jade Sol Luna

  • Evensongs For Hekate – Poetry and Hymns – Sara Croft

  • Hecate – The Witches’ Goddess – Gary R. Varner

  • Hekate: Die dunkle Göttin – Geschichte & Gegenwart (German Edition) – Thomas Lautwein

  • The Temple of Hekate – Exploring The Goddess Hekate Through Ritual, Meditation And Divination – Tara Sanchez

  • Queen of Hell – Mark Alan Smith

  • Shards of a Broken Mystery: The Restoration of Hekate – Shira Marin

  • Lunatik Witchcraft – Shay Skepevski

  • A Paean for Hekate – Shani Oates

  • Hekate Her Sacred Fires: Exploring the Mysteries of the Torchbearing Goddess of the Crossroads – Anthology. Edited – Sorita d’Este

  • HEKATE: Keys to the Crossroads – A collection of personal Essays, Invocations, Rituals, Recipes and Artwork for the Goddess of Witchcraft, Magick, and Sorcery. Edited – Sorita D’Este

  • Hekate Liminal Rites: A Study of the rituals, magic, and symbols of the torch-bearing Triple Goddess of the Crossroads – Sorita d’Este

  • Circle for Hekate -Volume I, History & Mythology: Dedicated to the Light-Bearing Goddess of the Crossroads in All Her Many Faces, Manifestations, and Names – Sorita d’Este

  • Pagan Portals: Hekate: A Devotional – Vivienne Moss

  • Protection and Reversal Magick – Jason Miller

  • The Witch’s Book of Spirits – Devin Hunter





  • Knowing Hekate: A Spiritual Coloring Experience – Sara Croft

  • The Hekate Tarot: A Tool of Transformation – Tinnekke Bebout & Hope Ezerins