The Virtual Hierón of ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos Commitments and Aims




As Hekate acted as Guide and Companion to Persephone annually on her ascent and descent, both as ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos and as Psychopompe; here ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos guides us and all who are drawn to this Virtual Hierón of ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos.

To read how this spiritual endeavour began, go to ‘To Ikoniko Iero Tis Ekatis Propolou’ in the main website Menu.

Hekate reigns over the Earth (Chthonia), the Sky [or Heavens] (Ourania) and the Sea (Einalia).

With the word Virtual, the Hierón of ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos does not limit this to interwebs, internet, astral or cosmic connections, or to the use of a computerized device; it was implied to be that which covered the Three Realms, Inner and Outer [both earthly, universally and in context of Temple Courts and Sanctuaries], upwards and downwards, [As Above, So Below], and as spatially expansible as is humanly possible.

So with the Three Realms, Triple-formed, and Three-ways, it is 3×3 that we make our…



Nine Commitments and Aims.




  1. To act in service of ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos

  2. To be a vessel to offer guidance, be of spiritual companion to those who seek us

  3. Provide spiritual support, knowledge based on ancient scripts, myths, and Hekate in antiquity

  4. Hold a free monthly ‘Healing Circle’ (see our Services option in the Menu)

  5. Facilitate esoteric Workshops, Classes, and Personal Mentoring

  6. Aim to hold court in the Earthly Realm with a One Day Event

  7. Guide in the spiritual development of seekers, in the creative flair of devotees, and provide a safe space for all, regardless of creed, orientation, nationality, colour, or faith thereof

  8. To compile or create a joint venture with members as an annual offering of Gratitude to ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos for her guiding us in this spiritual dedication

  9. To offer a Temple, or Hierón that is open, inner and outer open to those who find us, no inner Sanctuaries, or outer courts, all equal, all unified, in honour and service to ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos and for the wider esoteric community.

©2019. [We reserve the right to update or make additions as the work develops]