Image: Fresco of the Goddess Hekate from the house of Publius Fannius Synistor at Boscoreale province of Naples 40-30 BCE




῾Εκάτη Propólos



῾Εκάτη Propólos
You steered as guide
To that which I could not hide
Nor to each I’d yet to find
Those wondrous souls you had in mind

A gust of wind it feels is all
It took, for us all to fall
Into place, to meet and greet
To honour, serve, your wish complete

I ever amazed the hand you dealt
As with all it came with stealth
Aiding one way or other in health
Mostly gaining in spiritual wealth

Answering a silent petition
One oft whispered in repetition
In my heart though not in words
Like with Persephone, you still heard

Hail ῾Εκάτη!


©2017. Dorn Simon





The Sacred Way



Hail Έκάτη!

The time of ta Mysteria has rounded once more

How time flows when you shine your torch

Dadoukhos you honoured me thus

Handing me the torches plus

The circling of magickal foot

Honoured am I

Devoted to thee

All these esoteric paths you lead

Allowing me to walk, to learn, to grow

Lighting the way until I Know

At thinnest most crescent

You descend

Offering me still

The light again

Growing within so bright

Έκάτη Enodia

Those roads I cross

Interlaced with faith

From which you stand

Torches in hand

Boedromion procession

From Athens to Eleusis

Along the Hieros Hodos

The Sacred Way

On day six offer sacrifice to pray



©2018. Dorn Simon