The Hierón of ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos Classes – Workshops




Classes, Workshops, and Personal Mentoring will ensue in due course!

For an idea of what we aim to offer, here is a list of topics we will be hoping to provide in the near future.


  • Hekate in Antiquity

  • Epithets and their meanings with/to Hekate

  • Meditations/Pathworkings with ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos

  • Deipnon – Hekate’s Suppers, recipes, and procedures

  • Intuitive (guided) Tarot – with use of The Hekate Tarot, Thoth Deck, Rider-Waite Smith

  • Hekate in Hellenism

  • Hekate in the Occult

  • Greek Myths