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The Healing Circle is a Healing Compendium Service provided voluntarily by members who are qualified in Healing Modalities, whether that be: Reiki, Seichim, Shamanic, Holistic, Crystal Therapy, or attuned to/with similar healing therapy experience – Guided by ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos, working with Hekate in specific Healing related epithets/aspects.


A monthly Healing Circle is available where members of The Hierón of ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos work with ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos guiding to invoke ῾Εκάτη in whichever epithet is fitting with the theme or required healing that month – most probable aspects of ῾Εκάτη to be called on will be the following:


  • Apotropaios: Averting, Averter

  • ἀρηγέ (ός) Arêgos ‘Helper’ – Aregos: Helper: PGM IV 2241-2358.

  • Ameibousa: One that transforms: Oracle Table from Pergamon dedicated to Hekate.

  • Kourotrophos: Child’s nurse, nurse of youths: The Orphic Hymn to Hekate. Shared with Artemis and Eilytheia.

  • παιώνια (ος) Paiônios ‘Healer’ – Paionios: Healer: PGM IV 2241-2358. Also applied to Apollon. Name of the sculptor of the Nike of Samothrace.

  • πανδώτειρα Pandôteira ‘All-giver’, ‘One who gives everything’ – Pandoteira: All-giver, Bestower of Everything, bounteous: PGM IV 2241-2358.

  • φύσις Physis ‘Nature’ (personified) – Physis: Nature: The Chaldean Oracles.

  • φυλακa (ή) Phylakê ‘Protector’, ‘Guardian’





Dorn Simon




Current members volunteering to perform/channel healings:

Ailish Farragher

Rúairí Conneely

Dorn Simon



The Healing Circle is open to receive Petitions – Requests as and from Vernal Equinox 21st March 2019 –

with our first Healing Circle planned for Bealtaine May 1st, 2019.


To avail of this service, simply go to our Healing Petitions – Requests page, fill out the confidential Contact Form – we shall receive and collect all petitions for that Month (up to the pending Healing Circle date) and add them to the Healing Circle List.

What is different with our Healing Circle is that this will not be a generic Healing Energy sent forth – as there may be differing ailments, issues, health complaints to address – thus needing individual working for some,  and themed Healings for others.

There will be a report sent or follow up correspondences after receipt of your Petition – Request, and the Healing Circle to which you were added to receive Healing from.

There may be an opportunity for you to avail of further private Healings, Counselling if you seek it with some of our Members via their own personal career and spiritual paths; but for now, the Temple offers the above Voluntary and Free Service to those in Need and who find us.




Healing Modalities – Qualifications – Experience


  • Usui Reiki Shiki Ryoho (Master/Teacher) III

  • Seichim – Master

  • Angelic Senses – Master

  • Animal Reiki – Master

  • Animal Healing System

  • Isis Blue Moon Reiki

  • Curanderismo: Traditional Medicine

  • Curanderismo Part 2: Traditional Healing of the Spirit/Energy

  • Money Reiki – Grandmaster

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Energy Healing

  • Qualified Shamanic Healer

  • Aka Dua