Emrys Lahti Bio




I was born in Finland to a Sámi father and a Norwegian/Iberian/Lakota mother.

My ancestors are Sámis, indigenous Europeans who are mostly still deer herders. I grew up with Shamanism as my main spiritual path, and almost everyone in my current family are heathens or traditional witches. I never did the Wiccan path since I stayed rooted in my family’s path.

We also moved around a lot since my father left his clan to study in Germany and after receiving his Ph.D. worked for the UN. So we moved around a lot. Lebanon, Spain, Iraq, France, England for many years, Ireland, several islands, Sweden etc. It seems we are all a well-traveled lot.

I was brought up with Animism as a way of spirituality. A lot of Norse beliefs also infiltrated and I feel at home with them very much.

But Hekate’s call has been very strong…symbols, my dog rescues, love of snakes, owls, horses, the serenity and otherworldly feeling I get at crossroads which I visit often in the new moon…which is something I love to do in the forest I live in. I never felt afraid of the dar, in fact, I love it. I feel more safe during the darkest time of the night. My herbalism magic and love of Wolfsbane. I can go on forever.

I have a Masters Degree in Zoology and Conservation Biology but I recently left my job to concentrate on my health and work my pottery business which is usually porcelain items infused with magic, heathen symbols or runes.

I currently live in the NY/NJ (New York/New Jersey U.S.A) Border in a forest mountain area but I am thinking of moving back to Europe where I feel more at home.