About The Hierón of ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos




To read how this spiritual endeavour began, go to ‘To Ikoniko Iero Tis Ekatis Propolou’ in the main website Menu.

Hekate reigns over the Earth (Khthonia), the Sky [or Heavens] (Ourania) and the Sea (Einalia).

With the word Virtual, The Hierón of ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos does not limit this to interwebs, internet, astral or cosmic connections, or to the use of a computerized device; it was implied to be that which covered the Three Realms, Inner and Outer [both earthly, universally and in context of Temple Courts and Sanctuaries], upwards and downwards, [As Above, So Below], and as spatially expansible as is humanly possible.



The Beginning:

During a period of strict and regular devotion to Hekate nearing four years ago now, a seed was being planted in my awareness – the seed grew – and eventually birthed what I felt was something ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos was guiding me to take on and do in her service. Now, this was a slow process, I wished not to assume, nor let my own gnosis or ego take the helm – plus there was a cord I needed to cut in order to bring this Hierón of ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos to fruition in the way it was being depicted or requested of me. “There shall be no inner Sanctuaries as this Hierón is an open Temple – a Virtual Hierón of ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos – to guide and be companion to.”



The Gestation:

Has taken the best part of two years, two annual payments for the website domain and hosting, of which has yet to go live! To gradually, mindfully allow the seed to grow without any notoriety or need to find Temple Members, those who are already Members managed to find it or me anyway, through Hekate. The writing of the About page and Aims and Commitments was intentionally left to this later stage of gestation, to be assured it was something that the Goddess required and was of service to her and the universal whole, the Cosmic World Soul.



The Birth:

Is forthcoming – gestation is near complete, and labour pains are manifesting as the urgency for the website to be full enough if not complete to go live. There are Nine Founding Members – a great and powerful number to which we also base our Aims and Commitments upon – already there may be a tenth on her way to us – and our Facebook Public Page [see social links on the Home page] has 36 likes and follows and this with no real online live presence, let alone announcements of the existence of The Virtual Hierón of ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos!




Founder – Dorn Simon [formally Dorn Simon-Sinnott] was a founding Torchbearer of the Covenant of Hekate; in 2018 she was offered the role of Keybearer, to which she turned down, it being the last sign of what had been pending – her resignation. The Virtual Hierón of ῾Εκάτη Ρrópolos was already in its Beginning and Gestational phases, so the two have neither connection nor reason to compete. You can read the Bio’s of our Members in the Members Section.